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Canadian Money Par!

May 22, 2014

Can $ MLeaf


Has John bumped his head?  The Canadian dollar has been up and down but there is a tradition at Anita’s started by Anita herself… that is being good to neighbors.  There is a Canadian Flag hanging on the wall at Anita’s that is signed by many of her Canadian friends who helped rebuild Anita’s dream after a fire destroyed her home and business in just a few hours in 1992. 

Thanks to the inspiration many of our neighbors gave Anita in those trying times and her determination to put Anita’s back on the map, here we are with Canadian money at Par.  Limited time offer for Canadian Money Par!  Thanks for your support during the tough times and thank you for continuing a tradition of good food and good fun and great neighbors that has been going on since 1981. 

As a token of our appreciation we at would like to offer Canadian citizens up to $100 in gift certificates = Canadian Money PAR!

Yes, Canadian money at Par, under the following conditions: 

1)  Come with Canadian Cash on Wednesday, May 28th between 11am and 8pm to take advantage of this limited offer…  Canadian Money Par!

2)  Present the newspaper ad, a photo of this post from the website, or a printed version of the website post

3)  Meeting 1 & 2 make you eligible to purchase gift certificates in $20 increments at Canadian Money PAR with a limit of  5 per person ($100.00).

4)  The gift certificates are not valid with any other offer including Pizza Mondays and Canadian Money Par certificates expire on Sunday, June 29, 2014. 

If you agree to the above you are well on your way to some good savings!  The banks charge us 12.68% to change it back to U.S. Funds.  We hope that you are able to take advantage of this offer for Canadian Money Par Certificates.  If you like this Canadian Money Par promotion, support it and stay tuned to and our Facebook page as we will have more offers and promotions going forward.  We did put an expiration date on Canadian Money Par certificates to help us measure the demand, to see if we should do it in the future.  Hopefully, you will find value in the Canadian Money Par offer as is, if not, you can always pass. 

Visit and start saving today!  Tell all your friends, and neighbors to get it at PAR while they can.  The more popular this is the more apt we are to do it again!  First of its kind trial… Canadian Money Par certificates… Limited time offer!  Get it today!

Also, we are trying to build our Facebook family so please like us and send this to all your facebook friends, neighbors, and co-workers so we can make this Canadian Money Par a successful promotion and help as many Canadian friends save a few dollars now and in the future!

Thanks for being you!  We look forward to seeing you.       John, Vic, John-Wyatt, Liam and Staff.

BONUS… Like us on Facebook, check in while you are at Anita’s and receive a Bonus deal on the 28th!

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