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Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip

February 25, 2015

Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip

Who is on the Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip I am.
Are you on the Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip? You better be.
Do not miss this Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip. See your server, bartender, 0r call-in and reserve your spot today.
When is this Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip? Sunday, March 22nd
What time is the Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip? Departing Anita’s at 10:15 am
How much is this Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip? $85.00 US will reserve your spot!
What does this Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip include? 2-way transportation door-to-door,
your ticket to the game, beverages and snacks on the way to the game… just like the Tigers Games.

Come and cheer the Detroit Red Wings on to victory against the play-off bound St. Louis Blues. This Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip will be one for the books as two good teams prepare for their 2015 run for the cup. What else can you do on a Sunday afternoon… you know the snow won’t be melted by then so hop on the Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip and watch a good game live vs. Memorex. Besides, if you do have a long list of chores to catch up on… it is an afternoon game… There will be plenty of time to get that list done when we return.  Go to today!

You can’t beat this. It is all for one price… A bus ride to and from the game, the ticket to the game and just like our Detroit Tigers bus trips we will have food and libation for the bus drive to the Joe. Heck, this might even be your last trip to the Joe before they put the wrecking ball to it… you never know. Go to

The date is Sunday, March 22nd and the game starts at noon vs. the St. Loius Blues. The meeting place is Anita’s Riverfront Grille, the cost is only $85.00 for everything all you have to do is sign-up by paying for you spot and we will do the rest. The Detroit Red Wings Bus Trip will depart from Anita’s Riverfront Grille at 10:15 am and you will be dropped off at the front door of Anita’s when we return. Not even you can get lost!

If the Tigers games are any indication of the amount of fun one will have this will be a blast.
Don’t miss out… reserve your seat today!

Go Wings!

Now get on the bus!

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